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We are excited to officially announce the open source release of our REST framework rest!

rest is a set of packages used to write, document, and use RESTful applications. You write your API in Haskell using rest's DSL. This API can then be run in different web frameworks like happstack, snap,…


Ready to go beyond the Oscar buzz and get your hands dirty with the real data? This post will show you how we created the Oscar Database Silk (, so you can create something like it yourself and dig into your own stories and visualizations. Your visitors can explore and visualize…


We just released a new version of your Cabal package bumping tool bumper.

Bumper lets you transitively bump sets of packages that you are developing so you don’t have to manually edit version constraints.

Silk consists of a lot of packages, modifying all the dependencies by hand turned into…


Silk is growing and we are looking for talented people to join us. Silk makes it easy for people to create sites with content that is easy to query, visualize and share. We’re a startup with top-tier international investors, thousands of sites running on our platform, and a big vision to make…


We are excited to announce big news today!

First off, we would like to introduce Silk for Teams, our product for companies and organizations that want a private Silk site that every member of a team has access to.

Since we launched Silk, we saw a growing number of companies and organizations…


This may be controversial, and all of the usual disclaimers apply - this is based on my own experience using both of the languages/frameworks to do real work on real projects. Your mileage may vary. Because this is something that has the potential to spiral into vague comparisons, I am going to…

Many kids with (attention deficit disorder) have been misdiagnosed, they’re actually bored with teachers, as most won’t even blink at concentrating on video games for hours.
Nolan Bushnell - Atari founder (via it8bit)


First, go grab some headphones. The best ones you’ve got. If the best ones you’ve got are these suckers (or something similar), you should really go buy new ones, but use the best you’ve got for right now.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing for 2 minutes and listen, but just listen to the whole thing, even if you have to multi-task.

Headphones on? Ok. Good.

Now, press play.

“Upular (3D Audio Version)” - Pogo

Mario Perler Bead Art  - by Black Rose2011


Mario Perler Bead Art  - by Black Rose2011